Serengeti National park

Famed for its annual wildebeest migration. Aptly referred to as “endless plains” by the Maasai, Serengeti provides sanctuary to the highest concentration of plains animals in the world.

Tarangire national park

Offers a wide variety of wildlife in its area of 2,850 sq. km, Tarangire River, after which the park is named, provides the only permanent water for wildlife in the area, famous for  waterbucks, elephants, giraffes, worth hogs

Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Conservation Area covering an area of 8292 sq km consists of the Ngorongoro Crater itself, Empakai Crater, Oldupai Gorge, A UNESCO protected World Heritage

More national parks

Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park takes its name from the Ruaha River, which flows along its southeastern border. The river provides permanent water in the park, and during the dry season there is a large concentration of wildlife along its banks. Covering an area of 20,226 square kilometres

Selous Game Reserve

The Selous wilderness, with an area of 55,000 sq km meets the kind of dream visitors have of Africa of the early European explorers like Dr Livingstone and Henry Stanley.

Baloon Safaris


A popular addition to your stay in the Serengeti or Tarangire National Parks is a balloon safari. Launching at dawn, your balloon rises as the sun rises, floating gently over the savannah and wildlife. The flight takes about an hour, and on landing you will be met with a traditional champagne celebration and served an Out of Africa bush breakfast prepared at the site. Treasure Travels and Safaris is a part of Safari bookings

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Mobile Camping

The concept of mobile camping is very attractive to the adventurer as it reminds one of the early explorers and hunters in the “Dark Continent

Budget Mobile Camping

Budget camping is the ideal way for those who like to “rough it” as we provide a two-man tent for accommodation whereby mattresses are laid on the sewn-in ground sheet. Blankets, bed sheets and pillows are provided. Sleeping bags are available for hire although most guests prefer bringing their own. The tents are spacious enough for two people and have a mesh on each window to keep off insects.

Mahale Mountain

is the place where you can visit this national park, is the only national park in Tanzania where you can visit and see the chimpanzee.

Secured Payments

Treasure Travels and Safaris also offers online secured payment through pesapal and Direct pay,

Standard mobile camping

One of the most important features of our Standard Camping product is staying in a private and exclusive campsite. The camping crew, together with equipment and provisions, travels separately in a support vehicle ahead of the guests, so that when you arrive at the campsite everything is prepared and waiting – tents up, meals cooking, and hot water ready for a shower.